StitchandFrog and Me

Welcome to my online cross stitch store!  I decided on the name for obvious reasons to the cross stitcher but also in honor of my Mom who often told her children and grandchildren bedtime stories that she would make up about our adventures that day but told by two little frogs. The two little frogs always learned a valuable lesson from what happened to them that day.  The two little frogs, Hoppy and Toady, remain in my memory and that of her grandchildren for many years now. She passed away at age 90 in 2003, but she lives on with me in many ways.  So, when naming my store, the name just came to me as easy as stitching and frogging!

International Shipping

We are now shipping to over 30 countries but if you do not see your country from the drop-down list at checkout, please send me an email ( with your shipping address.  I can send you a Paypal invoice with the items you wish to order with shipping charges and complete the order this way.  My preferred shipping vendor is the United States Postal Service.  PLEASE NOTE When I ship outside the U.S., it is at your risk as I have no control on foreign custom checks, items being held for long periods of time or boxes opened, loss or damage.  All customers are responsible for paying import taxes or duty fees charged by your country. I do mark the shipments as merchandise and declare the value of the order so please don't ask me to mark as gift or mark the amount for less than it is. I have to sign these official forms and do so truthfully.

Domestic Shipping

Insurance is optional but highly recommended. I do pay for delivery confirmation but I cannot be responsible for damage or loss by a 3rd party. Shipments are handled via the USPS First Class Mail. I will combine orders to save on shipping provided the orders are placed within 24 hours of each other. We use the US Post Office postal rates which are based on weight and distance so it depends on the order what your final total will be. However, you will always get to review shipping costs prior to submission of order by 'reviewing the order' stage that is offered prior to submission of order. My free shipping offer for orders that net over $60.00 does NOT include insurance so if you can't afford for a third party carrier to lose your order, then please use the option provided for 'insurance free shipping'. 

Free Shipping

Currently, I do offer free shipping to US addresses for orders that are over $60 after all discounts are applied. I am happy to offer this to you but please note that I will ship everything in one shipment. I cannot offer free shipping multiple times against one order. So, do note ship dates on new releases as those new items can delay your shipment from more readily available items. 

Gift Certificates

I am delighted to offer Gift Certificates but they are redeemable only for items that are on the Stitch and Frog website and not for special orders.


Please note that I show each item's net price with current discounts for convenience only. The retail price will go into the cart first. Then, the additional discounts that are available are calculated. You always have the opportunity to 'review your order' prior to submission. If you have any questions on how our cart discount system works, please send me an email prior to placing your order as I am happy to assist (

Return Policy

Return Policy: please note that due to copyright issues on cross patterns and kits, all such sales are final. Any other returns are not accepted without my permission so do send me an email if something is not the way you expected it to be ( I am delighted to answer any questions prior to you placing your order.

Forms of Payment

Stitch and Frog accepts all forms of payment including checks (U.S. Bank only). International customers who wish to pay by check/money order will need to send such payment on an international money order that any U.S. bank will readily accept without sending to your bank for collection and charging me collection fees. Otherwise, your order can be delayed for weeks as the banks sort out the check reconciliation.

When you place an order using a credit card or Paypal, your payment method is charged so please note the ship times on items and if you do not wish to have your credit card or Paypal account charged, you may wish to wait until the item is showing it is within ship time of 2-4 days. 

I never see or maintain your credit card information in any database that is associated with our website. All credit card transacions and associated information is handled by the bank's transaction gateway. This is to further protect your financial data.

Want to add to an order?

I cannot add to an order once placed as your payment has been authorized for the amount of your order as a stated under 'forms of payment', I never see your financial data (ie credit card) so I can't add there. Please ask PRIOR to placing an order and I can send you links to add whatever you are looking for and you can add to your shopping cart and then place your order.


You have 45 days from the date of your order to file a claim regarding an order not received. Also, I will need your written confirmation on the shipping address if it is different than your billing address that I have your approval to ship to a different address. We also reserve the right to cancel any orders if deemed appropriate.

Privacy of Information

All customer information is used for order shipments only and your privacy is important and protected and not disclosed outside our company.

So, please come visit me and often as I continue to load inventory daily.  I look forward to our relationship together and sharing our mutual love of needle, thread and the occasional frogging!

"Ribbit", Marty