StitchandFrog and Me

Welcome to my online cross stitch store!  I decided on the name for obvious reasons to the cross stitcher but also in honor of my Mom who often told her children and grandchildren bedtime stories that she would make up about our adventures that day but told by two little frogs. The two little frogs always learned a valuable lesson from what happened to them that day.  The two little frogs, Hoppy and Toady, remain in my memory and that of her grandchildren for many years now. She passed away at age 90 in 2003, but she lives on with me in many ways.  So, when naming my store, the name just came to me as easy as stitching and frogging!

Shipping Charges

For a single order that totals over $125.00, shipping is free (US only) via the US Postal Service and does not include UPS or FedEx. Please note that this is not for combined orders but rather a single order. Most all other orders under $125.00 ship for $4.95 but there are exceptions but you can review your total order plus any shipping charges at the "review order" stage and prior to submitting the order.

Domestic Shipping

Domestic shipping is to addresses within the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska. The shipping address will be the customer's main residence in the United States.

International Shipping

Currently we do not ship any orders internationally or ship international orders that go through a third party shipping provider that forwards mail to international countries. This also includes orders placed with an international credit card or other means of payment with a different billing address but shipped to another person with a US address. We have had too many issues and delays in the past to do so.  Should we receive such orders, we will cancel the order and refund the payment method. We apologize for the inconveninece.

Gift Certificates

I am delighted to offer Gift Certificates but they are redeemable only for items that are on the Stitch and Frog website and not for special orders. A shipping charge is added to Gift Certificates since the system recognizes it as an item but we always refund the Gift Certificate Buyers the shipping charge. Please note: we can only redeem Gift Certificates that are going to be shipped to US Addresses - not valid for international shipping.


Please note that I show each item's net price with current discounts for convenience only. The retail price will go into the cart first. Then, the additional discounts that are available are calculated. You always have the opportunity to 'review your order' prior to submission. If you have any questions on how our cart discount system works, please send me an email prior to placing your order as I am happy to assist (

Return Policy

Return Policy: please note that due to copyright issues on cross patterns and kits, all such sales are final as well as other items. However, sometimes a return might be needed. An example of an acceptable return is the item is defective but not because you changed your mind or you do not like an item. As I know from my own experience, online purchasing is not always easy as you cannot see an item such as the color of a fabric or approximate size of an item, so please contact me prior to an order and we can review circumstances that might make a return feasible for both of us at If you have a doubt about something, just ask prior to ordering.

And in all cases, no returns will be accepted if there are smokers in your home or work where you stitch or have pets as the odors of cigarette smoke lingers in all needlework items and some customers are allergic to pet hair so resale of a return by me would be impossible.

Forms of Payment

Stitch and Frog accepts most major credit cards and Paypal. When you place an order using a credit card or Paypal, your payment method is charged so please note the ship times on items and if you do not wish to have your credit card or Paypal account charged, you may wish to wait until the item is showing it is within ship time of 2-4 days. 

I never see or maintain your credit card information in any database that is associated with our website. All credit card transacions and associated information is handled by the bank's transaction gateway. This is to further protect your financial data.

Want to add to an order?

I cannot add to an order once placed as your payment has been authorized for the amount of your order as a stated under 'forms of payment', I never see your financial data (ie credit card) so I can't add there. Please ask PRIOR to placing an order and I can send you links to add whatever you are looking for and you can add to your shopping cart and then place your order. 

Designer Errors

On occasion, there may be an error by the designer's cross stitch pattern that has an error either in the symbols page, stitch count, misprints, missing pages and such. Of course, I am not responsible for these errors but I will work with the designer to get you corrections as requested. You can also check the designer's websites for corrections as well. Also, we are not responsible for the paper used (weight, quality) that a designer uses to print their designs. Any comments or issues should be directed to the designer.

Privacy of Information

All customer information is used for order shipments only and your privacy is important and protected and not disclosed outside our company. We also have a Privacy Policy in place for your review to conform to GDPR and other regulations as required.

Refusal of Orders

Stitch and Frog reserves the right to cancel any order when deemed appropriate by management. We further reserve the right to serve those customers that we decide is in the best interest of our company. Such orders will be cancelled and all monies paid refunded back to the original payment method.

I look forward to our relationship together and sharing our mutual love of needle, thread and the occasional frogging!

"Ribbit", Marty