Put On The Hat Cross Stitch

Put On The Hat
Put On The Hat

Put On The Hat is the title of this release from Hands On Designs 'Around the Holidays' series. You get two designs for the drum (short stack) and pin cushion and one cut of Lady Dot Creates Purple Onion Velveteen. You will have only enough velveteen to finish one of the two designs - not both. So if you want to finish both, here is link to add more of Purple Onion Velveteen to your shopping cart. The trim used is also from Lady Dot Creates, Wizard Chenille, that you can also add to your cart. The cross stitch pattern is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler threads (Carriage Black/2, Fragrant Cloves, Harvest Moon, Red Plum, Sable, Spring Grass) and DMC (386). The stitch count for the short stack drum is 201 x 32 and the pin cushion is 80 x 64. The pin set used in the pin cushion is Just Another Button Company Happy Haunt.

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