Isabella Fox 1827 Cross Stitch

Isabella Fox
Isabella Fox Threads

The title of the cross stitch pattern is "Isabella Fox" and provides a scenic view of the Story of Adam and Eve stitched in 1827.  The designer describes it best that "Adam and Eve (with the letters A and E above the corresponding figure) are standing on either side of the Tree of Life which is covered in apples and birds with the serpent twined around the tree trunk.  Two cherubs hover above the tree with a crown between them and the sun and moon on either side.  There are tulips, starts, a crown, urns of flowers, trees, birds and six animals by Adam and Eve.  Along the top of the sampler are the letters of the alphabet and along the bottom are the words 'Isabella Fox Her Sampler and Her Work 1827'.  On either side of the top of the tree are written the words 'be thou faithful unto Death and I will give thee a crown of life'.  The whole piece is surrounded by a beautiful strawberry border".  

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