The Betrothed 1889 Cross Stitch

The Betrothed 1889

The Betrothed W&E 1889 is the title of this reproduction sampler from GiGi R that is probably German in origin. The fibers you choose will depend on whether or not you want a more faded look or a brighter look. The faded look uses Gentle Art Sampler threads (Bayberry, Blue Spruce, Otter Creek, Grecian Gold, Faded Rose, Straw Bonnet, Summer Meadow, Shaker White, Mint Jubilee, Tropical Ocean, Apple Cider, Old Hickory and Onyx) and Classic Colorwokrs (Pea Pod, Avocado, Joshua Tree, Clay Pot, Wasabi, Peanut Brittle, Tangerine/2, Weeping Willow, Fool's Gold, Hazelnut and Fresh Brew). The brighter look fibers used are Gentle Art Sampler threads (Blue Spruce, Forest Glade, Deep Forest, Endive, Mustard Seed, Raspberry Frost, Shaker White, Midnight Blue, Cinnamon, Old Hickory and Acorn) and Classic Colorworks (Four Leaf Clover, Mossy, Secondhand Rose, Shrimp Cocktail, House Wine, Root Bear Float, Tangerine/2, Finley Gold, Frosted Sage, Really Teally, Fool's Gold and Blackbird). 

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Gigi R
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