International Shipping Notice

Greetings! It is hard to believe that July (2018) is almost over and summer is fading as well. While we are still quite hot here in the sunny south, I know that August will pass just as quickly and we will facing the beautiful autumn weather in North Georgia.

International Shipping

Starting immediately, I will no longer ship orders to international addresses. Much thought was given to this but with more regulations from countries outside the United States such as the GDPR (EU) Privacy Policy and recently the GST Tax being implemented in Australia, it is not feasible for me to have the liability of fines or the burden of reporting that is associated with these regulations. While I am sure most of these regulations are targeted to large US Companies, I still have to maintain records and be ready to report should the need arise. While I have plenty of reporting that I have to do to US entities, I do not want to do international reporting as well as I would not have time to ship orders and maintain the shop's day to day work.

The other consideration in regards to international shipments is the expense to ship, long delays in Customs and some cases, countries are not even scanning packages further influenced my decision.

I apologize in advance for this decision to my international customers but I also hope you understand the reasoning. 

Thanks again for your business as always, Marty