Lizzie Kate

I have always enjoyed the designs from Lizzie Kate as so many of you have as well.  I cannot remember when I first noticed her designs but it would have had to be in the very beginning in 1996 when Linda formed her design company.  She writes on her webpage that she was forty years old when she decided to launch Lizzie Kate as she wanted a new challenge and a way to use her creative talents and love of stitching.  And boy did she!

She drew twenty designs, stitched and finished them, and off she went to an annual Charlotte Market in August of that year and the rest is history as they say. Those initial twenty designs were an indication of just how many ideas she had in mind and the ideas keep on coming even today!  Of course, for any small business owner, launching a new business and all the details that come along with that was going on while she was preparing for market.  This was no small feat.

One important detail was what to name her company.  She decided to combine the nicknames for her daughter's middle names and Lizzie*Kate was launched.  She did a rough sketch of the logo and she writes that she never found the time to change it but I think it is perfect as it is today and certainly no reason to change a log known everywhere today.  In addition to her daughters, her husband Alan is typically by her side.  I got to meet them both at the Nashville Market this year and both were delightful, helpful and so willing to help a shop owner such as me go through all the designs and decide the best mix for Stitch and Frog's online store.  One item is the Limited Edition Kit titled "Birds & Bugz" which you need to check out as it is a quick stitch and basically finished for you in the most delightful fabrics.  Her inspirations come from everywhere including a buffet with bacon!  While she was at the Nashville Market in February of this year and noticed how pretty (and good) the bacon looked so she decided it would be a perfect cross stitch pattern titled "Bacon Bits".  And trust me, "Getting Old Isn't For Sissies" is the perfect pattern for many of us or a good friend!  I have stitched it up and it is a delightful small cross stitch pattern that can be stitched up quickly as a gift or just for you.

She always offers holiday designs and if you have not done any stitching for the July 4th holiday, let me entice you with these older but still perfect July 4th designs that are small cross stitch patterns and can be quickly stitched while you are out and about enjoying this summer.  One cross stitch pattern is titled "Land That I Love" which says it all for those of us in the United States.  Another delightful one is titled "Liberty Sampler" that includes a charm pack.  And finally, one of her Flip It Designs, titled "July 4th" is available and there are plenty more by checking my catalog!

Now she is enticing us with the cross stitch pattern titled "Very Scary" that will be a Halloween Sampler when completed - EEK!  I will be carrying the patterns, thread pack as well as fabric or you can stitch with AIDA and the DMC alternatives.  I have some great Picture this Plus hand-dyed AIDA available.

If you don't see what you want on the website, I will gladly order for you and still offer the 10% site-wide discount on all items.

Please visit us soon and enjoy the world of Lizzie Kate (website) stitching that we all enjoy, Marty

Lizzie Kate Bacon Cross Stitch Pattern
Lizzie Kate Mystery Summer Sampler
Lizzie Kate Mystery Summer Sampler Sneak Peek
Lizzie Kate Birds & Bugz cross stitch kit
Lizzie Kate Land That I Love Cross Stitch Pattern
Lizzie Kate Liberty Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Lizzie Kate July 4th Flip It Cross Stitch Pattern
Lizzie Kate Getting Old Isn't for Sissies Cross Stitch Pattern