Summer Lizzie Kate 4 Seasons Cross Stitch

Summer Lizzie Kate 4 Seasons
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A new series from Lizzie Kate (January 2014) titled "4 Seasons" will have a total of four patterns and is you decide to finish all four into one piece, the over all stitch count is 275W x 99H. The first two cross stitch patterns, Spring and Summer, are available now and the remaining two, Autumn and Winter, will be introduced in March (see second photo on how the entire series looks if you choose to stich all four together). If you decide to combine all four charts, the Lizzie Kate website will have a border free of charge that reads "to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven". The thread list for this series is Weeks Dye Works (Bayberry, Begonia, Blue Bonnet, Blue Heron, Carrot, Cayene, Cocoa, Collards, Dried Sage, Grits/2, Grasshopper, Gaucamole, Gunmetal, Lilac, Oscar, Palomino, Plum, Sweetheart Rose and Tiger's Eye. You will also need DMC 3822. Here is a link to order the Weeks Dye Works fiber pack.

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