Oh Say Can You Sea Cross Stitch

Alot to share about this one. The designer is putting out six designs in this series (Around The Holidays). You finish as either a drum or a 'short stack' she calls it as you can see in the photo. Each cross stitch pattern will have enough of Lady Dots Creates Velveteen (Blue Corn) to finish one or the other bbut not both. You will need to purchase the Thundercloud Chenille for the pillow trim if you finish as a pillow. The stitch count for the short stack drum is 32 x 201 and the flap jack pillow stitch count is 80 x 84. The stitch counts will be the same for the remaining designs that are released during the year. I have the 32 Ct Colonial Parchment on order but not sure of when I will receive so do check back if you want the linen the designer uses. This chart, "Oh Say Can You Sea" by Hands on Designs is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler threads (Baby Spinach, Cidermill Brown Dungarees, Fragrant Cloves, Misty Harbor, Old Brick, Rhubarb, Spring Grass, Tropical Ocean and DMC (3865, Ecru). Here is the link if you wish to order Sea Friends Pin Set.




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