Little House Sampler ABC Cross Stitch

Little House Sampler ABC

Little House Sampler ABC Series is launching soon with "ABC" as it first house in the series that is stitched with Classic Colorworks (12-Grain, Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Hickory Sticks, Roasted Chestnut, Poblano Pepper) and DMC (951 and 976). Some of these same fibers will be used in other designs in the series. If you plan to stitch all nine on one piece of fabric, leave three stitches between and the finished design will be close to 12" all around - add six inches to all sides and you will need at least 18" x 18" square cut of fabric. I recommend the one-quarter cut option and you should have plenty (this is calculated using 32 Ct fabric and stitching over two threads). The designer also notes that you do not have to use the alphabet on each house as you can use initials or add something else so you do not have to stitch all nine in the series. Highlighted links to 32 Ct fabric or 16 Ct Aida.

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