Haunted Autumn Mouse In A House Limited Edition Cross Stitch

Haunted Autumn Mouse In A House Limited Edition

Pre-Order! Haunted Autumn Mouse In A House Limited Edition is the title of this cross stitch pattern from Just Nan that is stitched with DMC threads. Materials included is the 12 page stitch guide, 24" of ribbon. orange felt, chipboard base, Hex beads, 2 pumpkin beads, wired string tail, signature button mouse base, green glass hat, black satin hat and a little gingham heart to decorate a wall. Not included is the fibers to stitch, fusible interfacing and straight pins for the hat and bat. If you wish to order the pumpkin needle slide shown in the photo, click on highlighted link to add to your shopping cart. Please order this item separately from more readily items as your overall order will not ship until this item is in stock (estimate the third week of August).

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Just Nan
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