Coffee Quaker Cross Stitch

Coffee Quaker

Coffee Quaker is the title of this cross stitch pattern from Heartstring Samplery's Magical Elixer Series. Here is link to  40 Ct fabric but also available in 32 Ct and 36 Ct. The designer used 40 Ct linen, with one thread over two, in the model. When using larger count fabric such as 36 Ct or 32 Ct, please consider using a quarter yard cut of fabric due to shrinkage in hand dyed fabrics, if stitching over two and wanting 3 inch margins on each side. The cross stitch pattern is stitched with Weeks Dye Works (Palomino, Grasshopper), Gentle Art Sampler Works (Maple Syrup, Dark Chocolate, Apple Cider, Picnic Basket, Caramel Corn, Ruby Slipper) and Classic Colorworks (Hazelnut). You will find the fibers on the main page under the 'fibers' category and listed in alphabetical order. DMC conversions provided with the chart. Please note you may need more skeins when stitching on less than 40 Ct. Designer recommends that you might need additional skeins of Apple Cider, Picnic Basket and Caramel when stitching over 2 on 32 Ct as an example.

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