Betsy's Autumn Bird and Acorn Cross Stitch

Betsey's Autumn Bird and Acorn

Betsy's Autumn Bird and Acorn is the title of this cross stitch pattern from Plum Street Samplers. This design was released in 2017 as an exclusive release but now available to all (the chart will have the year updated to 2021). The designer writes that either Weeks Dye Works Cocoa Linen or Seraphim Bees Knees linen are good options for fabric but a small design so you may have just the right fabric already in your stash. The model is stitched with Weeks Dye Works (Mascara, Pecan, Chrysanethemum, Oscar, Tatanka, Pelican Gray and Cinnamon Toast) and Classic Colorworks (German Chocolate). The drum stitch count is 19 x 19. Trim used is Lady Dot Creates Ribbon (Grubby).

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