With Thy Needle and Thread, Hands Across The Sea and Bargain Bin

Greetings! I hope your holidays were merry and bright and that 2020 is the start of a great new decade for you! From an industry perspective, attention is now turning toward our annual wholesale Market (March 3-6th) in Nashville which will bring many new designs and treats from our designers. In order to make room, I have marked down a variety of great designs that are over stocks for me and savings for you! We also have new releases from With Thy Needle and Thread and Hands Across The Sea Samplers.

With Thy Needle and Thread

The last two designs in the popular "hoopla" series featuring Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. The designer is shipping to shops that are on her automatics such as we are starting early next week.

Hands Across The Sea

Bathya ca 1680 is the latest release from HATS as well as the designer is offering Ann Tong Uffindell 1835 and Isabella Uffindell 1829 (these two were a limited release that came together but now she is offering each one separately). The Bathya chart has many speciality stitches and the designer is offering an online tutorial that you sign up for on Hands Across The Sea Samplers website. A great opportunity to learn new stitches that you have been wanting to learn. And I have discounted quite a few designs from HATS so check these out for savings and to add to your stash - particularly Mary Lea 1753 at 40% off! The charts are beautifully printed and sure to become collector items over time.

Bargain Bin

More discounts added to the Bargain Bin that are limited in quantity and subject to availability so go searching for those you would like at a great price.

Happy New Year with my hope for you to enjoy good health, happiness and more time to stitch! Marty


Bathya ca 1680
Ann Tong Uffindell 1835
isabella Uffindell 1829
Mary Lea 1753