Reflets de Soie and Other Notable New Releases

Time to say goodbye to Summer with Labor Day here! I am more than ready as this past summer was not one that I would want to repeat. On June 17th, I broke the middle finger in my right hand (and yes I am right handed) and after two surgeries and finally getting the cast removed, I am now going into therapy to get my fingers (and hand) to work again as things are very stiff from being locked up for over two months. Quite a painful experience but the worse is behind me. I kept the Frog running but if I had to write you a note on an invoice and the handwriting looked like that of a two year old, now you understand! Watch your hands when opening a heavy door (that could have a spring action shut mechanism) and protect your hands - better yet push any unknown door with your rear end!

Now to more fun stuff - stitching!

Reflets de Soie

A new release from this designer! Yvonne LeClercq 1905 is just gorgeus with a floral border and other favorite motifs such as birds, a rooster, a house with a mill by a waterfall,butterflies and a puppy - too much to resist. Click on this link to see what we currently have in stock from this designer.

The Blue Flower

{erhaps the best new designer in the business and we need them to bring their new creative ideas to us! The Blue Flower released her new designs at the Nashville Market in March and I could not keep her new designs in stock. I think these latest three will be the same case. While I cannot stitch again yet, Night Walked Down, has my name on it! I love the designs and colors used. The model used a fabric not available to shops but she also recommends Picture This Plus Shale but any similar fabric and shade will work fine. She also released another squirrel and acorn biscornu, Halloween Squirrel and Halloween Acorn Biscornu. I am not sure the Halloween Squireel with a little trick or treater can get any cuter.

With Thy Needle and Thread

These two designs keep flying out the door - have you gotten yours yet? Boo To You and Gone Batty are just perfect for fall stitching I have seen finishes on both and Gone Batty stitched on the called-for Kermit Linen is wonderful.

Remember to check out all the new designs and the ever popular Bargain Bin!

So that is it for now and watch where you put your hands, Marty


Night Walked Down
Halloween Acorn
Halloween Squirrel
Yvonne Leclereq 1905
Boo To You!
Gone Batty