New Reproduction Samplers

First of all, my many thanks for all of you who ordered from Stitch and Frog the new releases from the Nashville Wholesale Market in March. While overwhelming to get the large volume orders out at one time, we did get most everything shipped within two weeks of my return from Nashville. You were wonderfully patient with things and I hope you are enjoying the beautiful projects from Market.

Several key reproduction samplers have now become available and I wanted to make you aware of them.

Luz Gonzalez 1851 was an exclusive with another shop for a year since it was a teaching piece but now we have it! Well, almost have it - it was shipped today and we should have by Monday. I am so excited to have this gorgeous sampler from Samplers Remembered as part of our catalog now.

The wonderful and energetic GiGi R has yet introduced another one and it is a beauty that is already quite popular titled Elizabeth Biggs 1833 - just beautiful motifs in this sampler with the grand stag commanding attention. If you wish to view all of GiGi R's designs please click on this link to GiGi R Designs.

And the limited edition Sarah Braizier 1829 from Hands Across The Sea is here - once sold out, they are gone as they are a limited edition. Even if you do not plan to stitch it right away, a wonderful investment for your sampler stash. They are selling fast and I still have a few remaining. Please review the other designs in stock from Hands Across The Sea.

The Little House Needleworks 20% off for all of 2018 remains hugely popular - you keep the shipping frog hopping with this designer's wonderful desgins. This sale is good throughout 2018 for those designs in our catalog so you can order at your leisure and when you are ready as this discount sale does not end until December 31, 2018 midnight EST.

And new designs are added daily so click on highlight link(s) to view more.

Thank you again for remaining so supportive of what I strive to do here at Stitch and Frog. Easy to order at your pace and privacy with as quick turnaround on shipping that is possible at the best possible prices. You are wonderful and I appreciate you so much, Marty

Luz Gonzalez 1851
Sarah Braizear
Elizabeth Biggs 1833