Needlework Expo

Greetings! For those of you that use Instagram or Facebook, the latest buzz in the new online wholesale market called "Needlework Expo" to be held March 6-8, 2021 ( While it is for the wholesale trade only, you can view which designers are exhibiting to review what they are offering to shops during this show. So, if you see something you like that I do not have listed, send me an email to I will see if I can get the item and list it on the website.

I have created a section titled 'Needlework Expo' dedicated to what I have listed thus far and available to pre-order. I have not listed everything as my time is limited as I continue to focus on getting orders shipped. I have listed those designers and designs that have sold well for me in the past and what I feel will be popular to those who shop with Stitch and Frog. I will continue to make additions in the coming week and during the show.

You will see quite a few cow or "moo" designs from most all of the designers. It is a cute theme where the designers created something with the 'moo' theme and there is to be a Sulky threadpack to stitch all of them with so be on the lookout for when I add this threadpack to the website.

Just a few photos to share in this newsletter. One is from Kathy Barrick titled "A Dutch Sampler", La D Da's "Little Virginie" - I am a sucker for ships! And Teresa Kogut's "Come To The Garden" - I have a feeling the photo does not do justice to this design once stitched.

The fine print - please read! This a virtual event and I will not be attending in person where I bring back the actual inventory so please be patient. The postal service has improved but they are still overwhelmed with volume and weather. So, I will place my orders during the event and then the designers have to ship out my orders once the show closes on the 8th. Once I receive it, I have to update inventory, prepare the shipments and then ship to you. There will be delays in some cases but if I get from designers quickly, I will be turning around orders quickly as well. However, we are all dependent on the U S Postal Service. As with any pre-ordered item, when ordered with in stock items, your overall order will not ship until all items are in stock since we have charged you one shipping fee.

GiGi R

For now I still have the exclusive for MT 1810 (U S only) and I continue the very popular sale on her designs including this one! I have a large catalog of her designs so do review, order and build your stash while the sale continues. Click on highlighted link to view the GiGi R Designs available.

And a very early surprise from The Prairie Schooler - the 2021 Schooler Santa is here! I love the theme and the raccoon!

Thanks again for shopping with Stitch and Frog - I appreciate each of you and the orders that you place all year, Marty 


Kathy Barrick "A Dutch Sampler"
La D Da Little Virginie 1837
Teresa Kogut "Come To The Garden"
Schooler Santa 2021