Nashville Wholesale Market 2017

Our industry's annual wholesale market will take place again in Nashville on March 3rd - March 5th and as is my tradition, I will be attending. Some designers do not even reveal what they will release until we arrive (Blackbird Designs, Shepherd's Bush, etc) so no shops truly knows everthing until we get there. At the market, designer often offer 'market exclusives' that means for those shops attending, we will have 30 days to order after Market closes their new releases over those shops who do not attend. 

Nashville Market 2017 Section is a separate section on our website you can easily review the new designs.

As you see other postings from the designers or elsewhere and I do not have it listed, just send me an email to and I will add it to my listings.

Since the Market ends on the 5th and I drive home on the 6th, I cannot begin shipping market orders until March 7, 2017 and I ask your patience as I work to get all orders shipped out to my customers. Typically, I am finished with most shipments within two weeks of my return home. Since I only charge you one shipping charge, I will ship when all items are in stock; however, if I see a longer delay than usual, I will ship out your order and send the other item(s) along as they arrive. Designers can run out of stock at Market so I have to wait to get more shipped to me.

There are just too many to mention as some favorite of mine but to peak your interest, here are few. From Kathy Barrick, I really like Cooper; from With Thy Needle and Thread, Easter Peeps Parade; and from La D Da, does it get any cuter than this kit titled Hare Sampler Kit. From Scarlett House, there is Smith Sampler; and GiGi R is introducing three new samplers at the Market with one titled Jane Southward is gorgeous and then there is Out On A Limb from Needle Workpress. There are just many, many more!

While Plum Street Samplers is not attending Market this year, she will have at least four new releases and I am waiting for photos and pricing from her shortly and will add her designs to the Nashville Section as well.

Since some designers do not release information until we get to Market such as Blackbird Designs and Shepherd's Bush, I will be adding their new designs to the Market while I am there so shop as often as you like as I will gladly combine orders and refund shipping overages but please take time during the checkout process to note in the Comments Section for me to combine your orders. 

Thanks as always for your business with Stitch and Frog, Marty

Easter Peeps Parade
Hare Sampler Kit
Smith Sampler
Jane Southward