Lizzie Kate Spooked Halloween Mystery Series

The Lizzie Kate Spooked Halloween Mystery Series is almost here! Part One will be released June 15th with the second and third part released July 15th and August 15th respectively. You can order the cross stitch pattern, the embellishment pack, the fiber pack separately but if you wish to receive the custom fabric along with Part One cross stitch pattern, the fiber pack and embellishment pack, I am offering in 4 kits by fabric count. Click on the link above to review all of the options available. When Part 2 and 3 are in stock, I will send out another email for you to order the patterns.

The overall design of the main design is 227 x 97 (and you will need all three cross stitch patterns to complete it) but the designer will also be offering several bonus designs. If you wish the stitch the bonus designs, you will need to supply your own fabric. There are three bonus designs: two-sided scissors fob (26 x 29 on each side); Winnie The Witch (43 x 79) that you can finish as a stand-up and For The Birds (121 x 29). If you decide to stitch the main design plus all three of the bonus designs, you may need more fibers - based on usage as you stitch along on the main design I suspect (Frogging can happen!).

I recommend you order your choice on this series separately from other items you may need sooner than mid-June as your order will ship when this item arrives.

And yes - Stitch and Frog will be carrying the new Little House Needlework ornament series that will begin in June - it will get its own newsletter soon!

So, much to look forward in your summer stitching projects - thanks again for your support and business with "The Frog", Marty



Lizzie Kate Spooked Halloween Mystery Series
Lizzie Kate Spooked Halloween Mystery Series