Lizzie Kate Releases "Jingle" Ornament Series

UPDATE:  Attaching more photos to the Jingle Series in addition to all the new designs from Lizzie Kate.  The new patterns focus on love with "The Love Sampler", A Little Love" and "Love Crazy".  I will post links to order very soon but until that time, here is a link to order the first three Lizzie Kate patterns in the Jingles Ornament series and the fiber pack that includes all the fibers needed to complete the series - at 15% off!

If you want to purchase this series three cross stitch patterns as released (will include embellishment pack), here is link to order and also at 15% off!

And for those of you who just want to buy the patterns one at time, I will post those once I get the photo of the one LK has not premiered.  Single pattern purchase will be 10%.

The Frog's head is spinning with all the new series and automatics coming out - is yours?  Well, the Frog plans to keep it simple for you in 2013!  The new Lizzie Kate ornaments series is announced and will ship around mid-January.  As with most shops, we have an automatic order with Lizzie Kate and getting the patterns will not be a problem for you to locate!  One nice thing about this series is LK will release the new "Jingle Series" several at a time so you can choose one or all.  The first three will be titled "Deck the Halls", "Noel" and "Ho Ho Ho" and will retail for $4.50 each prior to Frog's discounting.  You can stitch separately or as one piece and LK will  provide us a template to do so. 

There will be 12 different designs released probably three at a time.  Each Flip-It will have its own embellishment pack, alternating red buttons, aqua snowflake buttons and white beads - just two different embellishment packs in all.  All designs will use the same color palette:  red, burgundy, three shades of green, pink, aqua, brown, gold and white (I love this combination).  If you wish to stitch individually, Lizzie Kate chose 30 ct Natural Northern Cross Linen and they recommend the group desing on 32 Amber Linen (I have 28 ct as well).  The stitch count for the entire project is 369H x 80W.

So, how does the Frog keep it simple?  As with most of these 12 month series, we are offering the patterns and embellishments at a discount  but you order when ready and no up-front automatic commitment.  Easy as that!  Once you order from Stitch and Frog, we will send you an email with an update when the next patterns are ready to ship - you will order those when ready.

Whatcha wanna bet we will see more series this year?  We will be attending the TNNA Nashville Market in March and I bet the Frog's head will spin even more.  I hope so as our designer community keeps us all going!

Happy Stitching in 2013, Marty



Jingles' Ho Ho Ho
Jingles' Noel
Jingles Complete
Lizzie Kate Jingles Preview
Lizzie Kate Jingles Preview
Lizzie Kate Love Crazy
Lizzie Kate Love Sampler
Lizzie Kate A Little Love
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