Little House Needleworks 20% Off (all year!)

Happy New Year! What a great year 2017 was and looking forward to an even better 2018! We will be attending the annual wholesale show in Nashville the first weekend in March and know our designers are very busy with wonderful new designs for us! Holiday shipping went fairly well and I always appreciate your patience as it is one of the few times we take off a few days to enjoy time with our family. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well. Now to the updates.

Little House Needleworks

Lordy if you have not heard of the new Farmhouse Series coming out later in January, well, I would be amazed. I have been watching all the 'automatic' offers others have been offering and I never have understood the automatic approach when supply is not an issue and basically all shops will get at the same time. However, if you wish to order the series with all the patterns, fabric and fibers needed by paying up front, I am offering these as kits but only to those customers with US addresses. For international customers, the shipping is just high and going even higher on January 21st. I recommend that you buy as they are released and adding to other items you may wish to order.

I decided to offer Little House Needleworks at 20% off ALL YEAR for orders placed January 4th and onward -- and this includes the new series.This offer ends December 31, 2018 so take your time and order when you are ready. I know some of you like to view the entire series and others may not want all the designs but those of you who know you will want do stitch all nine designs, the automatic kits are set up for you. No forms, no emails or phone calls - just order online and the rest if up to the Shipping Frog.

Little House Farmworks Series

This series will have 9 designs focusing on the farm with titles: 'Little Red Barn', 'Horsin Around', 'Grandpa's Pickup', 'Dairy Darlin', 'Grandma's Quilt', 'Pinewood Farm', 'Cock-A-Doodle-Do', 'Farm Folk' and 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'. There will be a border design if you wish to stitch as one project but you will need to join the 'Little House Country Cottage Needleworks" Group on Facebook to review the free border design. Each cross stitch pattern will retail for $6.00 each. The Fiber Pack will contain 14 Classic Colorworks Fibers (retail $2.40 each) and two DMC colors (retails .52 each). The fabric will be either 28 Ct, 30 Ct or 32 Ct Raw Linen (18" x18" cut). I will also offer a 14 Ct Aida Linen Kit. All kits will have fabric cuts large enough to do the border and 3 inch margins on all sides.

Automatic offer is on the kits only. You pay for all nine patterns, 16 fibers and fabric of choice upfront but I am offering at 20% off since you are paying for the entire series now. I will ship the remaining patterns as they are released with no further action on your part. Shipping charged on the automatic is $27.00 for the nine shipments that you will receive with the first shipment of the initial kit will include insurance. All will include tracking. I recommend you order the kits separately from other items you may wish as your overall order will not ship until the first pattern is released in this series. Links to order automatic kits: 32 Ct Raw Linen, 30 Ct Northern Cross Natural Linen, 28 Ct Raw Linen. Also available is a 14 Ct Aida Linen Kit.

If you do not wish to order the automatic, then you can order the patterns separately (20% off) and I will list on the website when I have my shipment on the way but fabric cuts are reserved for the automatic orders. Of course, fibers are listed separately on the website as well.

The automatic kit offer are valid as long as supplies last (fabric mainly) but using my crystal ball right now, I see no issues.

GiGi R

This designer just never stops! She is one of the most wonderful woman I have ever met and an inspiration to me in many ways. When I started this venture about 8 years ago, I reached out to her as I wanted to carry her designs - it has been a wonderful partnership ever since. I have met her several times at the Nashville Market and I can tell you that she is the hit of the show - aways! She has had five new releases since mid-November - count them - five new releases and the latest one, I am offering at 10% off for a 'few days' - to give you time to read this newsletter and place your order. The lastest release is a Welsh Sampler titled "Mary Griffiths 1873" (10% off) and then Rheta Suggitt 1883, A Fair Lady Sampler, W E Holland and Martha S Scott - I am sure she has more up her sleeve so get those needles humming. Here are the links; Rheta Suggitt 1883A Fair Lady Sampler, Martha S Scott 1876, WE Holland 1839.

Reflets de Soie

My son who rarely comments on cross stitch designs saw this designer's work and he told me that I could fill his house with them - they are gorgeous! I just got a new shipment in stock so please review this designer and choose your poison. I already have picked out one for my son to stitch when I can find a free moment this year. A few highlights: Berthe Grazon 1925, G Leger 1898 and Emma Ponquon.

With year end, we did house cleaning with older designs and have removed those to make room for newer items. If there is one you are missing that is on your Wish List, just send me a note ( as I may be able to get the design for you.

With all the different venues that you can purchase your stash, we enjoyed another great year so I want to take time to say 'thank you' as I think you understand how we operate things - keep it simple, work any issues in your favor whenever possible, shop at your leisure in privacy on a secure website, add the new designs that we all seek and maintain a website that is 'fresh' versus the appearance of a warehouse.

Thank you and stay warm and stitch! Marty

Little House Needleworks FarmHouse
Mary Griffiths 1873
Berthe Grazon 1925
G Leger 1898
Martha S Scott
W E Holland 1839
A Fair Lady Sampler
Emma Ponquon
Rheta Suggitt 1883