Expo Needlework Fall 2021 Virtual Market

Greetings! Summer is almost gone and in a flash it seems to me.

I wanted to write to you regarding the upcoming Needlework Expo Event for shop owners that is held virtually or online to the wholesale trade only. There was one event in March and this is the fall event that will happen this weekend (August 28th-30th). There are far too many new designs and items to list them all or I would be doing data entry for the bulk of my day when my focus is shipping out current orders. I did not and will not list every item but rather what historically sells well in my shop. I will be adding more to the special section we have set up so please take your time to review and order. I will do my very best to combine orders but no promises - I may not catch them all and combine as expected. At the time of this newsletter, I have not even received any information from some of the designers.

Needlework Expo Fall 2021

Here are a few highlights from the show but you will want to review them all in the Needlework Expo Section as too many to list in a newsletter. Glendon Place Poltergeist Pirates that will be an awesome project. A reproduction sampler from Teresa Kogut titled Cotswold Fields. And Kathy Barrick has several new releases and hard to choose one to highlight but I think Nottingham is an excellent choice. Primrose Cottage Stitches has a nice collection of fall, Halloween and Christmas designs and This Is Halloween is one option. And From The Heart's D Frietag is gorgeous.

Plum Street Samplers

This designer is not participating in the Expo but has released four new designs with most notably Gather Inn that was an earlier exclusive but now available to all. You can review the others in the Needlework Expo Section.

The Scarlett House

While this designer is not participating in the Expo Event, she has released two new designs titled Isabella Jackson 1829 and We Are The Sampler Makers

The fine print - please read! This a virtual event and I will not be attending in person where I bring back the actual inventory so please be patient. So, I will place my orders during the event and then the designers have to ship out my orders once the show closes on the 30th. Once I receive it, I have to update inventory, prepare the shipments and then ship to you. There will be delays in some cases but if I get from designers quickly, I will be turning around orders quickly as well. However, we are all dependent on the U S Postal Service and how quickly each designer ships out their orders. As with any pre-ordered item, when ordered with in stock items, your overall order will not ship until all items are in stock since we have charged you one shipping fee. 

And for of you who are Little House Needlework fans, I have a limited supply of her Logo Kit that features her logo, fibers to stitch the design and a great threadkeeper so click on link to check it out.

Thank you again for your support this year! We have experienced another strong year for which I am grateful as you have many options to purchase your stitching stash. Stay well and stitch on, Marty

Isabella Jackson 1829
We Are The Sampler Makers
Gather Inn
Glendon Place Poltergeist Pirates
Cotswold Fields
This Is Halloween
D Friedtag