Cottage Garden Samplings The Bear

Summer is around the corner and so is the latest release in the very popular series from Cottage Garden Samplings titled "A Year In The Woods". There had to be a bear at some point and I wondered how the designer would create him for this series and she did not disappoint! And since he is the first in the Summer Season, there is a new fabric option from Picture This Plus, Valor Linen, that is beautiful. I have both 36 Ct and 40 Ct but as I have done for this series, the fabric is currently sold only with the pattern. This is how I had to plan and order the fabric back in November 2021.

The Bear

You can just order the Bear pattern alone as well and all options have the pattern at 20% off to make the entire series more affordable. The options are the Bear Pattern, The Bear Pattern with PTP Valor Linen 36 Ct and The Bear Pattern with 40 Ct Linen. The linen cut is approximately 17" x 26" and can work for all patterns when stitched in the horizontal layout as planned by the designer. She recommends three stitches between each design and the overall stitch count for the three seasonal designs is 306W x 130H.

Bargin Bin

The Bargain Bin continues to be popular and I continually update it with discounts so we can make room for newer items coming in. Discounts go as deep as 40% off so we have a sale every day of the year. Popular designers such as Hands Across The Sea Samplers, Pineberry Lane, Blackbird Designs and others are all included so many to choose from for summer stitching.

Thanks again for choosing Stitch and Frog to purchase cross stitch supplies as you have many options these days to purchase things but I continue to work hard to turnaround orders quickly and respond to your requests, Marty

The Bear
Year In The Woods horizontal layout by season