Blackbird Designs, Little House Needleworks New Releases and More!

Greetings from the Nashville Market! I have spent two days shopping and one more day tomorrow! I think my Fitbit exploded today with the steps (or miles) walked thus far!

A quick note regarding the new Blackbird Design Releases and the new release from Little House Needleworks that were not available to show you as a pre-order. We have a special Nashville page with all the new releases that now includes the Blackbird Designs (five in all) and Little House sampler (Kringles) for you to review and purchase. Keep monitoring the Nashville page as additions will be made daily. Also, I have more to add such as Stacy Nash, Needlework Press to mention a couple and will add them to the website as soon as possible. As in the past, I will keep the Nashville page up for your review throughout March and early April.

The new sampler from Little House (Kringles) is one design and we have fiber packs and fabric in stock at this time.

A word on shipments: please be patient with us. There were some sellouts at Market but I have ordered more where this has occurred so we need to allow the designers to ship to me so I can finalize orders and ship out but overall most all of you who pre-ordered, I have the stock. However, Shipping Frog will need time to turn around the hundreds of orders received. We are use to many orders but all at one time just takes time. to finalize packagimg and creating the shipping label information.

I will be home Tuesday and that day is spent unpacking the inventory and staging for orders to be filled. Then, I print and stage the orders that have come in since I left home last Thursday. The real shipping should begin on Thursday - Friday at the latest. On average, it takes me about two weeks to get the bulk of the pre-orders out the door so if you want to know the status of you order, feel free to ask me. If I see any stock-outs are delaying your order, I won't hold your order up for a long period of time - please do not worry! I will be shipping all day, seven days a week until all pre-orders are completed. There is only one person more excited about you receiving your order and that is me!

So, click on this link to the Nashville Page to review the latest items and those items I will add over time.

And most of all, thank you again for the many orders you placed with Stitch and Frog, Marty

My Heart Can Rest
Little Birds
Oh Joyous Day
We Live In Hope
Sewing Club