Farmhouse Christmas Automatic 32 Ct Raw Linen Kit

Farmhouse Christmas Automatic 32 Ct Raw Linen Kit
Farmhouse Christmas
Farmhouse Christmas Fiber Usage

Pre-Order! Item will not ship until first pattern is released (estimate the last week in January) so order when you are ready to pay as you will be charged at time of order. The kit contains the first pattern, all fibers and fabric needed for the series.  I will list the pattern alone once released and at 20% off throughout 2018. The fabric cut is 18" x 18" and is sufficient to stitch the 9 patterns in the series with the free border offered by the designer when stitched leaving three stitches between each block. As always, you need to confirm prior to starting your project. You may need more fibers when stitched on the larger counts but in the starter kit will be 16 skeins of Classic Colorworks and 2 skeins of DMC. The second photo shows the fiber usage but for simplicity plus the discount, I am offering the fiber quantity listed for the larger counts. The fine print: not available for international orders/shipping and no refunds - you will receive the 8 remaining patterns as they are released in 2018. Please order this item separately from more readily available items as your overall order will not ship until the first pattern is released and in stock. Shipping charges of $27.00 will be applied to the automatic for the nine shipments that you will receive in 2018. The second photo is vague shot the designer provided of the model when stitched with all nine designs on one piece of fabric. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot add other orders to your automatic series shipment - I have discounted this offering plus there is a pre-set shipping amount already that is less than usually charged.

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